Not sure this is the right forum...
I have 2 OS's (win98se) in different logical drives on 1 HD .
I boot E: from floppy disk, works fine but everytime I do something, windows goes to floppy first. Too slow!
Is there any way I can stop windows going to floppy?

I know there are boot managers out there but usually require reinstall of windows.

Is it possible to modify boot sector on floppy so it loads OS from E: instead of floppy?
If so, will this solve my problem?
I can disassemble boot sector but can't find any way to trace thru it.
Bios does not allow me to boot from logical drives.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Posted on 2003-08-15 23:22:21 by ian
do you REALLY need to boot from floppy?:confused:

Posted on 2003-08-15 23:35:30 by S.T.A.S.
If you boot from floppy ensure that environment variables PATH and COMSPEC are NOT refering drive A:.
Posted on 2003-08-16 00:18:49 by japheth
Variables are OK!
Maybe I need to load IO.sys/command.com from E: instead of floppy.
Don't know how to do this. Maybe boot sector needs to be changed???

Posted on 2003-08-16 02:13:10 by ian
uhm... perhaps bios setting/somewhat?
Posted on 2003-08-16 02:38:31 by dion

uhm... perhaps bios setting/somewhat?

My bios does not support booting from different logical drives.
If this is not what you mean, can you elaborate.

Posted on 2003-08-16 03:15:47 by ian
Debug has a "T" trace command. I can't even load the boot sector in Windows 2000 with Debug but I know you can in 98. What operating system are you booting from and what are you disassembling the boot sector with? Also the problem is on your boot record which is in the partition. Sounds like partition table not marked correctly. One thing you could do is make a 98 system diskett and copy Debug to it than boot from diskett. If you use Debug "Load" command the lowest sector you will get is the boot sector because Debug uses int 21 (read logical sectors). You will need to use int 13 to read partion like this:

Go into debug and at the hash mark type "A" for assemble then "Enter"
will pull up address offset :100
type in:
mov ax,0201
mov bx,200 ; buffer to send to
mov cx,0001
mov dx,0080
int 13
int 3

Then type "g100" "Enter" to run code

Then type "u200" for unassemble at starting address 200h
Posted on 2003-08-16 11:14:20 by mrgone