hi all,
Burn them onto 3 CD's then install them. They are CD images.

Or use daemon-tools

I have used both ways the two gives me an error :
corrupted file (_2767_docutil.msm)

not sure of the file name.

Posted on 2003-08-19 23:00:22 by amr
amr, what I read on Google Groups suggested that only a couple ISO burning software correctly handled the file name lengths - I really don't know how true this is because my burning software (RecordNow by Stomp) was on the list, and my CDs worked and WinImage extracted all the files from the ISO (burnt to DVD).
Posted on 2003-08-19 23:11:02 by bitRAKE
amr, if you get corrupted files, your image file is probably corrupt - did you verify the md5sum? daemon-tools work fine here.
Posted on 2003-08-20 02:03:44 by f0dder
hi all,

your image file is probably corrupt - did you verify the md5sum? daemon-tools work fine here.

I have used daemon-tools and gave me the same error?
Does this means that the image files are corrupted?

I don't know,
I have deleted the msdn files, I have no space.
but If I know a better way I will download them again.

Posted on 2003-08-20 07:55:24 by amr
Hi amr

First of all thanx for the links, I am using Deamon-tools & it works just fine, there most have been somthing wrong with your files.
Posted on 2003-08-20 08:11:38 by mistronr1
I am using Deamon-tools

sorry mistronr1 ,
have u used my links??

and thanks,
Posted on 2003-08-20 10:11:56 by amr
yes amr I did & they are all OK..
Posted on 2003-08-20 10:43:24 by mistronr1
hi mistronr1,

What download manger did u use?

Do this mean that I have download them again?

Posted on 2003-08-21 07:22:59 by amr
Hi amr

I didn't use any download manager, I just used the link from my browser that's it.
Win2k sp3 build2195

Posted on 2003-08-21 07:33:06 by mistronr1
Win2k sp3 build2195

sorry, but what is this ?

Posted on 2003-08-23 07:27:48 by amr
Hi amr
This is my windows version, if you run winver it'll give you the windows version you have.

Win2k = Windows 2000
SP3 = service pack 3
Build 2195 = is the relies number (I guess)

Posted on 2003-08-23 09:14:36 by mistronr1