I have another 'out of necessity' suggestion for you to think about.

Im sure like most people, I type with my hands in standard type positioning for speed (ie. index fingers situated over the 'F' and 'J' keys respectivley). When the autocomplete dialog box pops up and suggest a parameter list from say a structure, i have to reach over and hit CURSOR DOWN with my right hand, cursor to what i want, and jump back to standard position to continue typeing..

Dont get me wrong, autocomplete is already very fast to work with, but i think you can streamline it a bit further if you think its not to much hassle.

Here is my idea:

When autocomplete pops up as its currently programmed to do, alow the programmer to hit "TAB" to command RadASM to shift focus to the popup box. (Currently it commands Radasm to insert the currently highlighted item).

Once focus is shifted into the pop up dialog, allow the programmer to use 'I' key for "CURSOR UP" and 'K' key for "CURSOR DOWN". (The "Space" would still remain as is for accepting the selection).

If this were possible, using the autocomplete would be much faster IMO. The I & K keys are only a suggestion based on how your hands are orientated for standard typing. Another possible combination would be "E" and "D".

Anywho... chew on it and lemme know if you think im nutz or not ;)
Posted on 2003-08-16 22:29:37 by NaN
Why not use "u" for up, and "d" for down?

That way the thought process matches the action, by the first letter of the (word) action.
Posted on 2003-08-17 16:19:19 by yrret
Sure... this would work if its your thing ;)

I like my suggestion, since its similar to many First-Person shooter games, where the run/backup keys are typically E/D or W/S. The reason is simply for speed (much like my reasons for typing speed). With my hands in 'typing position', your middle finger is nicely situated over the 'I' and 'K' key, with you thumb ready for the 'SPACE' to select. As well the 'TAB' key, to set the ball rolling, is also an easy stretch with the left hand pinky finger ;)

All in all, i could do:

invoke SetDeltaXY, RECT., RECT.

and end up with:

invoke SetDeltaXY, RECT.right, RECT.bottom

Agreed the saving is minimal for that example but for more complicated structures like NM_LISTVIEW, there would be a alot more savings, IMO.

Posted on 2003-08-17 17:59:32 by NaN
Hi NaN & yrret

Added it as an option.
Download here.

Posted on 2003-08-18 04:07:14 by KetilO