Hello :rolleyes: ,

I started with asm 3 days ago and its really hard to learn, i come from VB, C++
I joust found this cool website


I downloaded it and tried it and it was a VISUAL ASSEMBLY for windows programs.
This thing is really great, i think i delete Masm32 from my harddrive - or am i wrong ?

Does anyone have experience with this RAD, any bugs or missing features.


Posted on 2003-08-17 02:27:16 by Ranma_at
The author is KetilO, he is the moderator of the IDE section of the board. I wrote the help file and many of the addins. It is the most popular of the dedicated IDE's on this board so I guess the answer is yes, there are some people who have experience with RadASM. ;)

It is an IDE, you will still need MASM32 in order to asemble your program, it is only an editor not an assembler !
Posted on 2003-08-17 02:42:01 by donkey
Yeah its not a compiler, but its a very good editor,
saves me lots of work with the windows form layout (better than the prostart exe :grin: )

and the editor is what i call a real[\b] editor, with syntax color hightlighting - the one
that comes with Masm32 Qeditor is somehow poor.
Even icztutorials editor has syntax highlighting, it doesnt support the command line though.
I already thought i have to write my own asm editor with all the stuff i need,
but thats now history.

Posted on 2003-08-17 06:27:06 by Ranma_at