Hi xkardisx,

The site has major problems with firewalls (at least with NPF - Win2KSP4 - MSBlaster patch). I had to take down my firewall and allow all cookies before I could access the site. They are apparently dead set against any privacy or protection at Intel.
Posted on 2003-08-20 00:46:18 by donkey
you could just use a proxie to access the site... not like its a big deal.. but there are a lot of good sites with proxies private ones even...

also you can hide behind a router and it will only pull up info on your router...
Posted on 2003-08-20 02:12:01 by devilsclaw
sh**, i just the one who cant get those thing, d***!
Posted on 2003-08-20 06:23:16 by dion
What about company name? I don't have any company, nor I work at any.
Posted on 2003-08-20 06:45:12 by iwabee
even i am work as a technician, that i think i had a right to get that, i just ignored everytime i ask.
Posted on 2003-08-20 07:00:19 by dion
you could put in a fake company... i used the last place i worked... or if you a full time student they think of it as work also so you could put in you school district there also..
Posted on 2003-08-20 14:19:34 by devilsclaw
i just put 'personal'...i dont think they really care, u can even put in sumthing as silly as a single '.' for that field
Posted on 2003-08-20 14:37:12 by AnotherWay83
Who delivers? FedEX? I just missed my fedex today... I wonder if it it's this
Posted on 2003-08-20 15:28:09 by FearHQ
ohh... @FearHQ.. They use FedEX. :(
Posted on 2003-08-20 18:03:08 by Yeori

What about company name? I don't have any company, nor I work at any.
Use your name for the company.
Posted on 2003-08-20 18:11:39 by bitRAKE
I have not received any email from intel for confirmation..
Posted on 2003-08-20 18:35:00 by Jnrz

ohh... @FearHQ.. They use FedEX. :(

I tracked the order on FedEX's site... Looks like it started it's course yesterday at 5:45 pm, from Denver, CO

They say Estimated Delivery Reattempt 08/21/2003 by 16:30

So I'm happy :)
I also placed an order on those AMD books, one for another book on COM from amazon, and another on a pair of speakers... So it should be happy days at my door :)
Posted on 2003-08-20 18:54:26 by FearHQ
They sent me the confirmation.
but they did not put the state, so is there gonna be a problem or they will know my state by the zip code number, anyone knows?
I choose the state, but they did no put it in the confirmation email
Posted on 2003-08-21 10:28:28 by maCo
I got NO confirmation by email, however the books did come. Yesterday's FedEX was the books - I missed it and they delivered today.
Posted on 2003-08-21 14:31:52 by FearHQ

Use your name for the company.

Well, at first I used "Iwabee solutions", but they didn't liked it for some reason. Then when I used "personal" as AnotherWay83 suggested I recieves confirmation within 5 hours.

What's FedEX, somkind of dogfood?
Posted on 2003-08-21 14:52:10 by iwabee
FedEX=Federal Express. Great shipping service. To US and Canada only I suppose...
Posted on 2003-08-21 17:21:53 by FearHQ
I ordered the books too, but got no confirmation email either...
Is there a way to track FedEx shipments (outside US I mean)?
Posted on 2003-08-21 18:43:35 by QvasiModo

I ordered the books too, but got no confirmation email either...

Yes QvasiModo I did track & my copy is on it's way, go to www.fedex.com, type the address as you did on your request at www.intel.com and you will get your delivery date.

Oh and thanx Yeori, it's cool that you share such a valuable information..

Posted on 2003-08-21 20:31:02 by mistronr1
where on fedex.com can u put in ur address to track it? i havent been able to find it...:stupid:
Posted on 2003-08-21 22:27:05 by AnotherWay83
I'd like to know too :)

BTW, what does AMD ship with? If anyone got the books yet...
Intel books stand proud and tall on bookshelf
Posted on 2003-08-22 00:28:06 by FearHQ