Often I find myself pondering this question: Should I resist things I find easy and study less interesting things to be more well rounded, or should I devote more into my passions?

When I was younger it was easy to answer that I was ignorant and needed to explore and discover the world semi-exposed to me, but I turn 30 in a couple weeks and feel like shifting gears - something a little faster, with less potential to turn. Some would say that is what I've been doing all along. Maybe? ;)
Posted on 2003-08-18 23:00:53 by bitRAKE
I think you should study what you enjoy :|

there is so much things you'll never know, if you go in pursuit of that it would be senseless IMO. At least when you're good at select things you can try to make a difference in them :)
Posted on 2003-08-19 05:35:31 by Hiroshimator
That is true, and it certainly makes life more fun. :grin:
Posted on 2003-08-19 10:17:35 by bitRAKE
What about a 1024 bit processor with clock frequency of 8 G XD...

Or to choice if the new 'optimized humans' (genetic) have more or less than the normal ones??

By the machines.. they will decide to have rights and laws for there??.. or will keep only machines???

What about a anti atomic bomb... at the end you know that is energy, low in the power in the energy are a direct impact of a hamer... or a impact of a hand, but this two you know that can be stoped, the first with a "colchoncito" for 'absorve' the impact, the second with other hand that 'encapsulates the hand that give the punch. Then why not are type of energy or some that can stop the reaction of a atomic bomb???... is there and exist.. but we are in time to destroy.. not for hold the humanity and we have the eyes closed >(in that direction.. we dont know maybe nothing.. only this):D.....

mmm maybe a teleporter???, i read a fun article about this things :D.

What about of see more deep the atom???, other particles??, you know that if you have a electron of the size of a sugar, the space between this particle and the center is big!!!!!!, what is between??, magnetism??, other type of atraction???... and that is all??? sure???... is there nothing???, but nothing in space then fit like maybe... 90% of all that is our world and universe..... see this posibility if with 10% that wee know studing atoms and energy.. what we can know if we study the other 90%??... maybe nothing... or maybe theorys called like... "law of the position between nothing"... ?? huu?:D

Personally maybe is best to devote to a pasion, but some times is fun to turn for a time to see what append out there.. in other "no pasions things", at the end maybe you can find a pasion where you never think that you will find.... :(, but you never know... we live in "incertidumbre", we dont know what will append.. sorry for us.. maybe we not will see what is next...., and sure... maybe the things in the future can be a pasion too.

Only keep your live good :D "enjoy the silence" or the no silence when you are working :D (and the ideas come and come) and the turn and all that you find out there ;D

The things that i personally like are this principles... that i have...

The things that are not share are lost :) (my signature), this is a abstraction of communication, and at the end interaction, for myself interactions is a basic thing i see in the way that all interact whit all your mind with you mind when debating a idea, a rock with other rock need interact if no, you can not put a rock over other rock (the bottom rock never know that are other rock in up), the ideas wrong or correct, but you will never know if is right or no if you never say it, sometimes erroneus ideas aparently are true and other times no, the lo?ve the love :D the love will be lost if you never give a little.. a sign a interaction. I apreciate all the things.... the things that i know are part now of my self... the things that i dont know... are there for learn of it and do a part for my self;). A end thing... if you try to interact with yourself is like evolution :D. Then help others to evolution, think more, show how to interact with all, and let it go for construct itself.

Nice day.
Posted on 2003-08-19 11:47:39 by rea
hgb, I always enjoy your posts. I am very greatful for your willingness to share. I am thinking that maybe it is my lack of belief in continuity:

Continuity is strictly dependent on perception. From the beginning of mankind?s (forgive the word ladies ? I only use it for historical reasons ? humankind is implied) discovery of self we have asked greater questions inquiring about the world and our place it in. During this discovery we have dissected and broken down to incredibly small levels and yet we are no closer. It is a matter of scale (either time or space). Anything appearing to be continuous can be put through a transformation of time/space to be discontinuous.

Out of fear we have searched for structure and continuity ? we want to predict the future. Maybe only a couple minutes ? we want to know and be comforted by the facts, the security of continuity. How can this just be a discontinuous soup? Why is it that continuity only appears at high level abstractions ? when we look from a distance?

The reason is that we create the continuity in our perception of the world. It is a coping mechanism due to our limited capacity as humans. Don?t get scared ? it is okay that the world isn?t continuous in reality.
Posted on 2003-08-19 18:10:28 by bitRAKE
Hi!!!, thanks for that bitRAKE now i am happy :D.

Ok, about the thing of continuity I read a _article_, is interesting that i think you can enjoy it ;).

About we need to know the future a interesting thing is that we know it, at least we know what we do in this day, and maybe for periods of time each day at school or work. The habits and we know a little how we act in some that happend in a moment.

About I share, i like expose my ideas i dont fear to say something that is wrong.. for what.. if I dont say it.. I will not know, only if a read a lot of have other ways to know the true. This is a work for me, i am trying to be a little best human, but that require not only share, real communication with my self, trying to be coherent with what i think, what i do, how I see.

Ok, let my try order my ideas a little, thnx for share your personal point of view, i know that expose a personal part is dificult to the majority of humans :D.

Nice day.
Posted on 2003-08-22 13:04:23 by rea