New update, version 1.04 (finally :grin: )
- Uses a RichEdit control.
- Supports standard, COM and WinSock errors.

akyprian: The problem was aparently that I was using the Dll entry proc to initialize the library, not winasm's init function. I changed that and now it works.

Cip: Please try the new version, and tell me how it works... if the font is still a problem I'll have to set it manually.

To everyone else, I would also like to know how well this new version behaves on different codepages, since now I'm not changing the fonts anymore I want to know if Windows handles that by itself correctly.
Posted on 2003-09-04 12:41:30 by QvasiModo
Hi QvasiModo,

The title bar says "WinErr v1.03" :)

Anyway, the charset is correct (at least on WinNT4 WS PL)
Posted on 2003-09-05 01:41:12 by Morris
Hi QvasiModo,

on W2k the font is now correctly set! :)
Posted on 2003-09-05 02:26:13 by Cip

The title bar says "WinErr v1.03" :)

Posted on 2003-09-05 14:27:00 by QvasiModo