Hi folks

Can you recomend a good win32 book?

Posted on 2003-08-21 07:44:06 by mistronr1
what language ,asm?
Posted on 2003-08-21 07:53:51 by tomorrow
I am looking for MASM32 book, I just moved from HLA. I'll buy AoA when it comes out in the market, but for now I need a good MASM32 book, it's allways nice to have a good reference book...

Posted on 2003-08-21 07:58:18 by mistronr1
There are none devoted to 32-bit assembly targeting Windows besides Randal Hyde's HLA ones. There are a handful of books with a chapter (usually the last one) covering the basics of Win32Asm. (I can name them if you want.)

The book "Introduction to 80X86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture" by Richard C. Detmer covers x86 assembly using 32-bit registers, but is not win32 specific.

You know about the Iczelion tutorials right? http://people.delphiforums.com/jawiv/filez/Iczelion.chm

You need a C-based Win32 API book and translate it to Masm. This is what I am doing.

"Programming Windows" by Charles Petzold is always recommended.

A very detailed, technical coverage of Win32 Programming is the book "Win32 Programming" by Brent E. Rector.

I like the book Schildt's Windows 95 Programming in C and C++ as it gets right into examples using resources and his explanations are digestable. I found it simple to translate his examples from C to Masm syntax thanks to Iczelion's tutorials.
Posted on 2003-08-21 08:11:42 by Masmer
First of all thanx masmer for your reply.
You know about the Iczelion tutorials right?

I sure do, it's a very nice set of tutorials, but I need to get away from my computer, and for that I'm looking for book that I can take with me to the park, where I can relax and read.

C or C++ is out of question, I know a littel about C and C++, to me it feels translating to assembly is not the right way to learn Masm32, please correct me if I am wrong.

Posted on 2003-08-21 08:37:47 by mistronr1
Others will unfortunately back me up on this: there are no English language hardcopy books devoted to Masm assembly targeting Win32. Actually, there are two semi-relevant books, but people here have persuaded me out of buying:
Posted on 2003-08-21 08:49:58 by Masmer
The best book i've seen that teaches the basics of ASM and then approaches Windows API programming is Kip Irvine's work:

"Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers: Fourth Edition by Kip R. Irvine"

it cuts out that junk talk, goes straight to the point, and even teaches you about APIs, the book is quite new (there are 4 other editions of it, i've only seen the 2nd and 4th...), and i've reccommended this book to all of my friends who wished to learn ASM. The book's quite expensive, but if there's a university library near you, and you have access to it, check it out! (i have 28 renews left, i think i can still check the book out for another 3 years :P )
Posted on 2003-08-21 11:33:04 by Drocon

Thanx DROCON, I'll buy a copy first thing in the tomorow morning.
BTW how many chapters is the book..

Posted on 2003-08-21 14:05:47 by mistronr1
"Windows Programming" by Charles Petzold is must. But if you don't know anything about C, well, bad for you.
Posted on 2003-08-21 15:01:46 by iwabee
u can always use charles petzold's book just to learn abt windows programming in general, like the basics and stuff, even if u dont know C...i bought the book and then used all of the information to code stuff with masm32, and havent even coded one win32 prog in C yet heheh...even tho i know C...i like asm more :grin:
Posted on 2003-08-21 22:16:16 by AnotherWay83