I'm from Kazakhstan. I'm korean but I have never been in Korea. My native language is Russian.
Posted on 2003-08-22 07:16:37 by vkim

I am from country now formaly known as "Serbian & Montenegro"
but probably better known as Yugoslavia, which I prefer btw.

..some time ago we used to be in the same "country" ;)
Posted on 2003-08-22 09:01:17 by Azrim

I'm from Canada, land of kangaroos and koalas. Where it's summer in December and winter in July... No wait a second I think I have that mixed up. No wonder they look at me funny when I say I'm going down to the billibong with my sheila to throw another shrimp on the barbie. Damn....

Sorry but I just want to know : Is kangaroo an animal with a bag in front and two legs for jump ?? If yes I think they should live in Australia , Canada too cold for them . :grin:

S.T.A.S : Zratzvoiztje !
6$ for a disc :( :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

I'm from Vietnam , the land with beautiful beach and girls ;) and my english is .. not good :stupid:
Posted on 2003-08-22 09:37:27 by dreamweaver

Not really...We should all be learning chinese as it's the most used language in the world.
I'm from Argentina, and my english is not very good but I can get people to understand me if need be.

I'm from Argentina too (same city actually :grin: )
I wonder if we can turn this into a poll, so we know how many people from wich countries is here...
Posted on 2003-08-22 10:36:53 by QvasiModo

I am from austria :stupid:

My english is so bad, i wonder how i was able to login here:grin:

woah, austria here too - can't believe it :D. now i know that i'm not the only asm-programmer in our country :)
Posted on 2003-08-22 14:24:25 by hartyl

I'm from Argentina too (same city actually :grin: )
I wonder if we can turn this into a poll, so we know how many people from wich countries is here...

why guess when you can query the database? :)
Posted on 2003-08-22 15:06:50 by Hiroshimator
Born in the USA!:alright:

(As the Boss says)

Posted on 2003-08-25 21:27:53 by cdquarles
I'm from
Posted on 2003-08-25 22:28:39 by iblis

I'm from

hey, I got a cousin that lives there

Posted on 2003-08-26 06:23:59 by Hiroshimator
New Zealand. And i have seen one other person on this forum from NZ, and one on the sister board. Which means there are at least three x86 asm programmers in NZ :)

Oh yeah, my english is freakin' excellent. I also speak Australian. And can sort of read French. But i know a sh*tload of programming languages, and that is what counts the most. I pity those poor slobs who cannot talk to their computer ;)
Posted on 2003-08-26 06:40:53 by sluggy

And can sort of read French.

I know a few french words (french as in "excuse my french"... ;))
Posted on 2003-08-26 06:55:39 by scientica
After Magritte...

"ceci n'est pas d'ASM" -- Ren? Tournois -- :grin:
Posted on 2003-08-26 08:27:16 by Hiroshimator
lol! :alright:

Posted on 2003-08-26 13:46:51 by cdquarles

After Magritte...

"ceci n'est pas d'ASM" -- Ren? Tournois --


"Vous ne savez rien" -- also said by the same Great Invisible Master :alright:

Posted on 2003-08-27 01:11:37 by sluggy
<-- :grin:
Posted on 2003-08-27 01:17:16 by arkane
I am from the US and my English is just a poor as everyone elses :) it took me forever to pass English in High School (and we wont even go down the Geometry road ;) ). Currently reside in California but was born in Idaho and raised in Oregon.

As for languages, I spent two years in South Korea and when I left I could read/write/and speak Korean but now I have forgotten most of it. In my vast amount of free time, like I really have any of that between my sons (the youngest being 7 months old) and my wife along with my job, I am learning/relearning Korean, German (had 1 year of German in HighSchool) and Italian (will make going to the family reuionions much easier)
Then theres the languages that I am fluent in, Asm and C :)

Have a good day
Posted on 2003-08-28 14:40:24 by madprgmr
I'm from Poland and i'm just curious about my English becouse my posts in this thread are ignored often, maby they are not understanded . :tongue:

somebody said that knowing a lot of languages is a bless, thats for sure but lot of languages is a curse. :(
Posted on 2003-08-30 07:14:39 by AceEmbler
How'd that submarine screen door work out for ya? ;)
Posted on 2003-08-31 00:07:53 by iblis
Jeez, not many people here from the US (I am from California). I guess that proves the "stupid American" stereotype. I mean... how can we have the best colleges and such a small percentage of intelligent people?
Posted on 2003-08-31 01:52:05 by Ninkazu
I think the US has the largest representation on the board, at least that's my take on it. There are *alot* of Americans here. There are also alot of people who know how rabid I get when I see "stupid American", but seeing as you're from the US I guess it's OK :grin:

I visited a board once, can't remeber which one, that had a world map and when you registered you clicked on your location. Every member had a small dot on the map, it was very cool, I wish I could remeber where I saw it.
Posted on 2003-08-31 02:32:52 by donkey