I tried twice to send you e-mail, on two
addresses I have - both attempts returned denial.

I'm reading your help file.
Nice design, good will.
Yet I understand almost nothing.
Lot's of pictures and no detailed info.
I'm wellknown dummy so could you please,
eleborate something for me.
Firstly I tried to read about addins - what they for
and to work with them.
Almost in each entry I understand only this phrase like:

Where xx is the next available AddIn

For example:

;FlipCase,x (1=Flip case, 2=Auto Show/Hide Output,
;4=Auto Show/Hide ToolBox, 8=Save temp file, 16=PageBreak, 32 Output mouse show, 63=All)

Where xx is the next available AddIn

What is Flip case? What "case"? How does it works?
What is Auto Show/Hide Output? When it'd be shown and hide in auto mode?
What triggers it?
What is Save temp file? Which file is being saved to which?
etc, about every word.

I don't understand how some addins work, so I go to help file,
and despite of reading it I continue gessing how does it work.

I am not even sure what those 1= 2= ... mean.
I guessed it is bit flags but:
For example I have FlipCase,29
16+8+4+1. 11101. So - I don't have 2 (Auto Show/Hide Output)
Yet each time I compile project this output is poping up making
me to do annoying closing its window.
Is it "Auto Show" or what? If it's not then what is "Auto Show"?

Could you, please, write DETAILED description about addins at least.
I'm complitly lost in all that staff.
Posted on 2003-08-23 16:50:33 by The Svin
Hi The Svin,

For the addins I have only the explanations given by their authors. I had posted a request for each author to supply information about their particular addin but recieved almost nothing in return. You will find a few addins by me have detailed explanations, I had hoped that if the other authors saw an example it would push them to reply but still no real replies. There were some like Ossa that sent me a detailed description but these were the exception and not the rule.

FlipCase was written by Ketil, I have never really found a detailed explanation of all of it's features. In the end with the addins I had little choice but to try to fill in as many details as I could and hope to be corrected by the author.

For what you want the answer is in the FAQ:

the field is : 32 Show output on mouse over statusbar

Posted on 2003-08-23 17:45:27 by donkey
This answer is about bit 32 not bit 2 I asked about.
Posted on 2003-08-23 19:14:17 by The Svin