I'm not infected and am not sending out any messages but if you see any 'weird' message seemingly coming fromhttp://www.asmcommunity.net/board/cryptmail.php?tauntspiders=in.your.face@nomail.for.you&id=eb68c3f87b9438d39297b03d67102aa2 when you didn't contact me, just delete it because it will be that soBig.F thing. As a rule I generally don't send attachments at all, so if it has attachments it's extremely suspicious.

I get lots of warnings and <expletives deleted :tongue: > from people I don't even know :)
Posted on 2003-08-24 04:31:10 by Hiroshimator
Same thing here :(

Posted on 2003-08-24 04:39:55 by Thomas
Same here :( every day I have to clean 400 to 800 emails.
Posted on 2003-08-25 00:06:37 by Ultrano