Hi all,

I've just put together a *rough* header file that allows MASM32 users to call many of the routines in the HLA Standard Library.

You can find the header file, the HLA library module, a sample program, and documentation for the HLA Standard Library at the following URL:


Calling the HLA Standard Library from MASM is nowhere near as convenient as calling these routines from HLA (HLA's syntax was specifically designed to make most of these calls really nice, something that MASM just doesn't support well), but from a functionality point of view, the ability to call these routines will help the MASM programming community by a fair amount. Currently, MASM users can call about 75% of the routines in the HLA Stdlib (the macros, the object-oriented routines, and the pattern matching routines haven't been converted because of time limitations or limitations in MASM).

The benefit to HLA users is that it is now easier to share HLA examples with MASM users as those MASM users can more easily convert HLA code to MASM (by hand) now that the standard library routines are callable from MASM. Also, this will benefit HLA as beginners won't be quite as afraid of learning HLA (rather than MASM) as there is an "upgrade path" to MASM should they choose to switch to MASM in the future.

Randy Hyde

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Posted on 2003-08-26 13:41:40 by rhyde
I have just uploaded a new version of the HLA Standard Library for MASM32 users that addresses some problems that some users have found. In particular, I've adjusted the prototype declarations to work properly regardless of the language type you specify in your MASM source file.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-09-05 15:49:53 by rhyde