I have the MASM 6.0 Programmer's Guide and the Reference guide still wrapped up in plastic and in perfect condition (I do not believe they have ever been opened).

If you live in the United States, I'm more than happy to ship them to you for free (free to you) if you're interested. Why? They are second copies. I have others that I use and these ones wrapped up in plastic serve no purpose to me.

Where I got them? I purchased MASM from someone on EBay back in 1999 and he gave me a CD, the docs on CD in Word, and two copies of the manuals and an original registration card. Both in New condition and wrapped in plastic so I ended up with duplicates and I'm willing to part with them.

Reply to this thread and I'll have to make a determination who to send them to (may be willing to ship to Canada, also)..

Posted on 2003-08-26 21:47:48 by _Shawn
I would like to have them.
I am trying to learn assembly and think the books would help me.
Please respond to
Posted on 2003-08-26 22:38:24 by vesper
Yeah, too bad I'm in Canada, I would hae liked a copy of the books. Ah well...
Posted on 2003-08-26 22:41:59 by donkey
but i am from china:confused:
Posted on 2003-08-26 22:55:39 by lube
Okay everyone, here's the link to get your manuals:

decent, eh?
Posted on 2003-08-27 01:54:57 by djinn

Thank you, Randall Hyde
Posted on 2003-08-27 01:57:14 by djinn

I already have them in PDF format but I really hate trying to read things on a PC (especially PDF's). The concept of the EBook is something that I will never buy into. I was thinking that they would be useful in CHM format but it would be too much work for too little gain.
Posted on 2003-08-27 02:00:21 by donkey
He has them in HTML and WORD formats I believe.
Posted on 2003-08-27 02:02:09 by djinn
I have been trying to get the hardcopy Masm 6.1 books for quite some time. I will get them eventually.

Donkey: I will do the dirty work ... every week I will devote a little time away from WinAsm help to convert the Masm manuals to chm format. Chapter one is available here.
Posted on 2003-08-27 04:02:28 by Masmer
IMO electronic books will be great once we have a sort of *cheap* refreshable/reusable/browseable 'tabletpc/e-book' that allows for easy use, writing and has perfect lighting.

the current tabletpc are nice but there not there yet :/
Posted on 2003-08-27 04:59:30 by Hiroshimator
uhm... i wait for e-ink to be popular and cheap/at reasonable price for that job :)
Posted on 2003-08-27 06:35:54 by dion
I would like to have them as well =)
Posted on 2003-08-27 11:31:36 by Jnrz
It seems there's only a handful of people...

I hate to be biased. I didn't know Donkey needed/wanted them and Masmer could really benefit (he's converting them to CHM and could benefit from being able to scan the images and replace the non-visible images in the doc with ones that we can understand -- BTW: I downloaded Masm 6.11 from MSDN and the docs are included and have the same image problem).

Anyway, then there are some others. I will write a program that interates 5 million times and randomly chooses a name and he who was chosen most will get the books. I'll do that this weekend (unless someone else is up to the challenge). BTW: I'll write it in C# or VB.NET...

Posted on 2003-08-28 11:05:03 by _Shawn
;) :D :alright:
:rolleyes: :grin:
Posted on 2003-08-28 11:27:02 by rea
I've written the randomizer. The following names are entered in...

1. Vesper
2. donkey
3. masmer
4. jnrz
5. hgb

If anyone wants to examine the source code (VB.NET) then I'll provide it. I may need someone to look over it as I don't really know how truly random it is. I can't seem to get it in ASM so if anyone is up to the challenge, I'll gladly use that.

Basically, this is what I'm doing:

Iterate 1000 times. In each iteration, randomly pick a name (by the index). Remember the hit count for each name. The one with the most hit counts wins that round. Repeat this until a winner has been chosen 3 times. The person chosen as winner the 3rd time is the ultimate winner and will receive the shipment.

Posted on 2003-08-28 17:54:23 by _Shawn
This sounds like the California election alphabetical order. I'm OK with anything you decide by any means at all they are your books after all, lotto-books looks cool though.
Posted on 2003-08-28 18:07:53 by donkey

You're funny. I actually thought about whether I was making this look like my governments circus gigs these last few elections in various parts of the country. In the end, I think it's fair to give everyone the best chance since there is only 1 copy to give away. I had to post a thread because I didn't know who needed/wanted one. I was originally going to give it to the first reply but I felt that wasn't fair as some people wouldn't stand a chance if they were not fortunate enough to log in at the right time. So I give people 5 days and then I'll click the button and whoever it picks will be the one sent. Randomizing it seems like the *fair* thing to do as then I didn't pick one person over another for whatever reason. If their name is in this thread and they are in the US, no... Canada, too... er, and Mexico then I'll add their name.

<sarcasm>There's nothing to say that if I don't like the result I won't click again, or what if I acidentally doubleclick and the second choice is different than the first? Or if my cat pees on the PC while I'm clicking?</sarcasm>

Posted on 2003-08-28 21:18:52 by _Shawn
Well _Shawn,

Whether I get them or not thanks for the offer, it is appreciated.

BTW the California alphabet:

R, W, Q, O, J, M, V, A, H, B, S, G, Z, X, N, T, C, I, E, K, U, P, D, Y, F, L.

I'm pretty far down the list ;)
Posted on 2003-08-28 21:36:02 by donkey
why not write them on little papers, put them in a hat and mix it a bit? then you can draw a paper :)
it's probably as unbiased as it gets
Posted on 2003-08-29 04:54:58 by Hiroshimator
(Total) Recall!

Thank you for including me it the ballots _Shawn. Ingenious method of choosing the next goven, er, I meant the "winner" of these MASM manuals. ;)
Posted on 2003-08-29 05:13:27 by Masmer