In your RadAsm help file list of keyboard shortcuts
For example you can add:

Ctrl-Alt+Home Jump between splitts
Ctrl-Alt+Up/Down arrows Size splitts

I wander if there is someplace where I can get
all keyboard shorcuts references in a single file?
Posted on 2003-08-27 17:52:54 by The Svin
Hi The Svin,

I will add them soon, the keyboard shortcuts I included were from the file supplied with RadASM and a few others that were added later and posted on the board.

I plan to begin a rewrite of the help file as soon as Toolbar Paint reaches a stable build. Probably very soon, within a month at any rate. At that point I will be looking for submissions again but this time I really hope to get some, the user base has grown and so there is more of a field to choose from.
Posted on 2003-08-27 18:02:09 by donkey