Hello everybody,

Could someone say why the following code is not working?

invoke SendMessage,hList,LVM_SETITEM,0,addr lvi
invoke SendMessage,hList,LVM_GETITEMCOUNT,0,0
sub eax,1
invoke SendMessage,hList,LVM_REDRAWITEMS,0,eax
invoke UpdateWindow,hList

Each function call returns success but window isn't being updated. Any ideas?

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Posted on 2003-08-27 21:30:28 by czDrillard

Virtual listview? Perhaps try

invoke RedrawWindow, hMainWindow, 0, 0, RDW_UPDATENOW+RDW_INVALIDATE

instead of

RedrawWindow will definitely kick in the LVN_GETDISPINFO messages

Posted on 2003-08-28 00:32:44 by Kayaker
Thanks Kayaker,

Sorry to say, but RedrawWindow function didn't work. I think the problem lies in what I'm doing, not how.

My list view window displays a list of files and their attributes. Right clicking an item creates a popup menu. From here I can set the file attributes. I think it is not possible to show the new attributes by simply repainting the window. I should perhaps re-call the file display function and display the updated list. I was hoping to avoid this to save cpu time but I quess I can't.

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Posted on 2003-08-28 09:10:42 by czDrillard