Thanks for the suggestions akyprian. I was actually thinking myself that using a right click menu was counter intuitive. There is no visual clue for the user regarding the existence of this option, and this equates to poor design on my part. Hence there is now a button. Selecting Winmain or dllentry and then changing your mind now results in the procedure name edit control now being cleared too.

Thanks both TBD and akyprian for your support and ideas. I am going away for a couple of days tomorrow so if you don't see any posts by me for a day or 2 this is why!
Posted on 2003-08-28 01:42:46 by andrew_k
Hi again,

Just downloaded. You are pretty fast! When do you sleep :) ? Thanks for implementing the suggestions. Even better!


Posted on 2003-08-28 01:59:59 by akyprian
Hi again!,

Can you disable the new button in the first dialog if no procedure name is entered (since we cannot navigate)?


Posted on 2003-08-28 02:05:07 by akyprian
Hi Akyprian. The 'arrow' button is now disabled unless there is text entered in the
procedure name edit box. Another good idea, thanks. The updated version is available for download at the top of this thread.
Posted on 2003-08-28 02:53:52 by andrew_k
Cheers andrew_k,

Thanks for implementing this.


Posted on 2003-08-28 05:39:03 by akyprian

A bug:

Select WinMain as Type of your procedure, press Finish. The arguments appear in the line after the procedure name.


Posted on 2003-08-28 10:14:24 by akyprian
Hi Akyprian,
This isn't actually a bug. AddProc tries to put all the arguments to a function together on the same line. However which line it puts them on is dependent on the setting you use for max. code characters per line on the format page (page 6). If AddProc is putting your arguments on the next line it means that it couldn't fit them all on the same line as the 'WinMain PROC' part within overrunning your .max code characters setting. Simply increase the number of characters on page 6.

Having said all this, I have uploaded a newer version where the default settings have been increased.
Posted on 2003-08-28 14:55:25 by andrew_k
Hi andrew_k,

I see! By the way, in order to be fully compatible with the new version of WinAsm I will release soon you should make a minor change to your code:

Wherever you have something like this in your code

.If CHILDDATA.TypeOfFile==1 || CHILDDATA.TypeOfFile==2

make it

.If CHILDDATA.TypeOfFile==1 || CHILDDATA.TypeOfFile==2 || CHILDDATA.TypeOfFile==101 || CHILDDATA.TypeOfFile==102

After you make this modification, shall Masmer upload it to the WinAsm site?


Posted on 2003-08-28 15:05:16 by akyprian
Hi Akyprian,
I've made the changes to the code. If this works as you intended Masmer is welcome to upload it to the website. Thanks Masmer for this, the website is a wonderful bonus.

I'm really looking forward to this new version of Winasm...!
Posted on 2003-08-28 15:27:24 by andrew_k

It works as expected!

Masmer, will you please upload this wonderful Add-In to the WinAsm site, please?


Posted on 2003-08-28 15:34:27 by akyprian
The Add-In is now available at the WinAsm site,

Posted on 2003-08-29 13:16:37 by akyprian