Hi Gurus,
I 'm looking for information about how to add a customized menu item to the pop up window menu whenever the user right click the mouse, user may right click his mouse anywhere on the screen and he will see that add-in menu item.
The thing I need is exactly like winzip addin but the winzip item menu only apprear when the user right click on file object.
Any advise are helpful
Posted on 2003-08-29 01:52:42 by nvm
Check out this thread,it adds a "command prompt here", the concept is basically the same for whatever you want to add.

Posted on 2003-08-29 01:56:25 by donkey
The system pop up window depend on the context where the user are. That means
if the user right click on the hyperlink the popup window will diffrent with the one that come when user right click the desktop.
I'm looking for the way to step in the popup window when it appear and add my menu item when I need - actually I don't need it in some context
Posted on 2003-08-29 02:35:31 by nvm
I think that "windows shell extensions" are what you looking for.
Check out google and also some tutorials can be found on codeproject.com
Posted on 2003-08-29 19:36:06 by Mikky