This is probably gonna sound stupid, but are there any tutorials on how to write good code? Not like how to use a certain control or anything. But like a good technique to writing windows apps. DOS apps are written in a totally different way than a win app.(besides the obvious)
Posted on 2001-10-18 00:32:40 by ChimpFace9000
Buy Petzod's milestone book and Knuth's if your brains permit it.
Mine don't :)
There is another one which is very very nice and is called 'Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows'

Posted on 2001-10-18 00:40:28 by latigo
Here is an article of Randall Hyde "Style Guidelines for Assembly Language Programmers". This one explains how to write clear code in general, not for windows OS only.
Posted on 2001-10-18 02:11:52 by vkim
Buy Petzod's milestone book and Knuth's if your brains permit it.
Mine don't :)

hey, you got multiple brains? :tongue:
Posted on 2001-10-18 12:31:31 by Tola
i wish i had!
Anyway, what i meant was: 'If your maths knowledge and/or will permit, go and get Knuth's books'
I have big brains, but they are not willing to learn the required math to comprehend Knuth's work. hehe
Call me lazy.

Posted on 2001-10-18 13:53:47 by latigo
Larigal, daya have any Knuth's at home ? If yes, can u bring me one next Wednesday ?


Espero que el fin de semana te tiren un poco de la garompa. Sino, al menos que hagas una chupadita de co?o ...

Posted on 2001-10-19 08:57:30 by magicmac
My dear amigo!
I'll be there next Wednesday with the book and the CD with the pixas.
The book is called ' The Art Of Computer Programming ' and is the first of a legendary (for the moment) Trilogy. (Soon there will be a fourth one). Donald Knuth is considered a living legend in the world of Computer Science.
This book is aimed at 'general programming concepts', but it's so full of math that it friggin' busts my balls.
I'll take it to your place next week and you judge for yourself.

Heheh, me rompe los buebos tanta matem?tica..

Posted on 2001-10-19 09:52:37 by latigo
Ok, dankas amigo !! :)
Son casi las 2:00 AM y estoy Shoshkelizando ...
Butta Mais ...
Posted on 2001-10-19 23:55:26 by magicmac