How can i get info about my EXE file, like filesize, path (with not included myEXE.exe only path) etc etc
Posted on 2003-08-30 17:23:10 by bj1500
DWORD GetFileSize(

HANDLE hFile, // handle of file to get size of
LPDWORD lpFileSizeHigh // address of high-order word for file size

full path is included in the lpstrFile at the OFN struct.
Posted on 2003-08-30 18:25:12 by wizzra
And when the file is created? last use? its not only my EXE file i'm going to check, all kind of files
Posted on 2003-08-31 03:09:55 by bj1500
You can use GetFileInformationByHandle, that gives you everything in one shot.
Posted on 2003-08-31 03:17:01 by donkey
ahh thx, its just one problem
how do i create a handle to the file?
Posted on 2003-08-31 03:43:32 by bj1500
Posted on 2003-08-31 03:54:02 by roticv
ohh ok
Posted on 2003-08-31 04:12:52 by bj1500