I'm making FDD(floppy disk driver) now, but blocked due to lack of descritions.
Does anybody have FDD description? (i've already Floppy-Disk-Controller(FDC) command set, but it's not enough to build FDD.)

I'm blocked in reading a sector(and a track). actually, it's so hard!

thankyou for reading.
Posted on 2003-08-31 16:35:07 by Yeori
Have Checked SolOS source code?

I have a somehow functional FDD driver there,

Also ask me here about any questions you might have since i have great experience with 8272 kind of controllers used for FDD
Posted on 2003-09-06 13:09:43 by BogdanOntanu
Hi, @BogdanOntanu.
I've read your source code firstly than others. That's clear & fully understandable. very good. :)

Anyway, since managing the filesystem driver(in my os), i've getting something difficulty! you know...
FAT12 filesystem, each file has many clusters to store its own data.
so, to read a file, i read first sector of data, and then another. but, this way is so SLOW!! VERY SLOW!!
in vmware machine, i read a file in 3 seconds. but in real machine, more than 30 seconds required.
i think it's because of fdd driver.... :(

BTW, i firstly released my operating system yesterday. it's still uncompleted, but i opend. :)
you can download its all sources files @ http://www.zap.pe.kr ..
in the first category(named "chobits operating system") in my web-page, you can download all of it.
first file "chobits_img.zip" is the builded os image, and anther file "chobits.zip" is source files.
this web-page is written in korean, but all comments in source files are written in english.
so, i think threre's no problem to check it. (plz, check up why my os has poor disk-related-operation...)
(btw, i made a game app for my os, "SNAKE", you know?? snake game.. :), you can run it in my os)

anyway, thank you @BogdanOntanu, and other good guys.... due to you guys' helps, i did it only in a month.
thank you...a million! :)

have a good day & good season.. regards,
Posted on 2003-09-06 20:10:41 by Yeori

I've same FDD problem at the moment...
I'm writing my bootloader and first of all (after loading all bootloader sectors with int 0x13) I jump to PMode...
Now if I'm booting from HDD I can read direct from port without IRQ and DMA. And if I boot from floppy??
There is a simple port IO routine like IDE one?

In any cases I'll load kernel via INT 0x13 in 16bit mode if there isn't a fast way in PMode but... If I want to load it after the 16MB bound???

Hope you understand my english ;P

Posted on 2003-11-26 15:23:42 by Nikso
I dont understand at DMA setup section, it only have 3 port.
Bogdan: What is FDC_readByte mean?

I did Read on HelpPC a step Like this (the ';' is from HelpPC).

; 1. Turn Disk Motor On and setup Delay Time.
Call FloppyDisk_On
; 2. Perform seek Operation
; 3. Prepare DMA Chip to move data to memory
; 4. Send Read Command and wait for transfer complete interrupt
call FloppyDisk_Read_byte
; 5. Read Status Information
; 6. Turn Disk motor Off
Call FloppyDisk_Off

Is My Call right?
Posted on 2003-12-07 02:42:45 by realvampire