Hi all,

This is WinAsm V1.0.1.7

What's new:

1.Procedures Tab in Project Explorer renamed to Blocks and the corresponding List displays procedures, macros and structures now (Thanks masquer).

2.In addition to Procedures, You can now collapse/expand Macros and Structures.

3.You can now open ANY File (File-Open Files) that does not belong to any project (Thanks Manos, KetilO, Bi_Dark). Opened Files can be viewed from the Window menu.

4.You can now associate ANY file (e.g. *.asm, *.inc etc ) to WinAsm (Thanks Bi_Dark, Masmer).

5.You can now save files named Untitled.* (Thanks Dmitry)

6.Now all New files are counted e.g. Untitled1.asm, Untitled2.asm ... Untitled1.inc etc (Thanks h4ng4m3)

7.Line Number Width can now be set to auto (Tools-Options-Editor) so that it will automatically reflect the Line Number Font change (Thanks FunkyMeister).

8.Tools-Options-Miscellaneous-Use Quotes for *.rc file names (Some Resource Editors such as VC++ need quotes for filenames containing spaces). Thanks Bi_Dark


1.Minor changes to Find and Replace bitmaps (Thanks andrew_k)

2.Some minor improvement for ownerdrawn menus and a couple of new bitmaped items.

3.Some additions to keywords for rc files (Thanks andrew_k).

4.Faster text selection (Thanks andrew_k).

Bug Fixes

1.Auto complete from intellisense can now be undone (Thanks andrew_k).

2.Click on + - quickly ------>some flicker and misbehaviour (Thanks Bi_Dark).


Posted on 2003-09-01 03:17:20 by akyprian
Hi Akyprian,

I come back from my hollidays and I am astonished after see the evolution of your IDE. You are producing a really good tool. As I suspected when you start this project, you are an excelent coder. Congratulations.

Posted on 2003-09-01 11:08:34 by ipadilla

Thanks for your good words. You 've always been very kind and helped a lot.


Posted on 2003-09-01 11:54:38 by akyprian
Hi all,

Uploaded to the WinAsm site.

Thanks Masmer


Posted on 2003-09-01 14:18:23 by akyprian
New WinAsm installer uploaded to the website.

Contains WinAsm and the current ( help file. Automatically sets some of WinAsm's "Files & Paths" parameters. The installer will create a few registry entries for uninstall purposes and *optional* file associations (*.wap, *.asm, *.inc, *.def).

I could include the various add-ins (AddProc, UPX Add-in, WinErr, MeltWA) as an optional install component, with perhaps the readmes in the Help directory. But I would need each author's permission (PM me).
Posted on 2003-09-05 10:45:22 by Masmer
Thanks once again for doing all this Masmer.


Posted on 2003-09-06 05:49:23 by akyprian