how much money you get a month,(you work is use asm)
Posted on 2003-09-02 02:30:49 by tomorrow
That seems a little indiscrete...

..I get 0
Posted on 2003-09-02 02:56:10 by FearHQ

That seems a little indiscrete...

In some countries it's inaproperiate to talk about salary/income/money, in others it's the opposite. (Kinda like what's rude, to participate(read: break in or interrupt) in a debate or listen to the talker and wait for ones turn (think a bit like token ring)...)

I'm a student - and don't have a job, yet any way, so I don't make any money coding in asm, I do it for the fun of it :)
Posted on 2003-09-02 04:08:56 by scientica
here it's irrelevant, knowing it does not change your view on something nor any possible outcome.

As for salary: on a job I don't mind telling. Secrecy is usually just a way from Human Resources to keep people on a leash.
Posted on 2003-09-02 05:10:42 by Hiroshimator
Not enough. It is all relative anyway, what is a lot of money in one country is not necessarily a lot in another.
Posted on 2003-09-02 07:46:26 by sluggy
Posted on 2003-09-02 07:56:53 by Delight
well its not a steady roll, but i got 10 dollars a couple months ago from for a 10 line asm prog =).

... not really ten though, they took out 3 dollars =( *sniffle*
Posted on 2003-09-02 13:55:11 by Guy on ASM