I'm writing a program to find password with brute force.
I want to create a client-server structure: the client connect to the server, asks for a job and then try to find the password. If it founds the password, the client sends the plain password to the server, otherwise asks for a new job.
The job can last from a few seconds to some hours.

Should I use only TCP/IP or both TCP and UDP?
Should the server close the connection as soon as it send the job to the client or the connection must be kept alive until the end?

Please help me
Posted on 2003-09-02 14:49:25 by greenant
Don't use UDP unless you got good reasons for it.. You don't need UDP for this, stick with TCP. Keep the connection alive until it has been idle for a few minutes, then disconnect. That should work fine. HTTP works like this too (when the connection header is set to keep-alive).

Posted on 2003-09-02 15:06:39 by Thomas