Hi folks,

I am a newbie in VxD programming (winMe/win95). I got the problem with debugging VxD, and want to know how to exchange data between VxD and Win32 App. Could you give me some hints? ( i.e. I hook a win32 App proc to a VxD service)

I now use DeviceIOControl to transfer data to/from VxD service.
But it's tedious and I wanna sth direct and quick. Here is my idea:
1) Use TCB (Thread Control Block) client register image to access
register content. But I don't know if the register value is kept
unchanged as that set by VxD service? And, could you give me
the definition of client register structure in TCB? (I can't find it
in 98DDK)

2) Use VM control block. But I doubt VMcb client register image is
only updated when thread is blocked by interruptes.

3) Use _HeapAllocate to get a system memory block and return
the pointer back to win32 app? Can win32 App access sys

By the way, Could anyone tell me if it's OK to create a window in VxD code? and how to print out a text string in ASM?

Debugging VxD makes me headache, I know Debug_Query system message. But again, can somebody show me how to send it?

Any nudge is warmly welcomed and Sample Code/URL is hghly appreciated!

Posted on 2001-10-18 14:36:46 by Dickson96