Hi Ketil,

it will be nice to see, in one of the coming RadASM releases, some support for MASM users that want to code DOS applications.

Here a proposed implementation.

In the section of masm.ini add the "Dos App" Type:
Type=Win32 App,Console App,Dll Project,LIB Project,NMAKE Project,Win32 App (no res)[COLOR=red],Dos App[/COLOR]

And after the section add the following one:

[Dos App]
2=3,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /Cp /nologo /I"$I",2
6=*.obj,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"$I",*.asm
12=3,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /Cp /nologo /I"$I",2
16=*.obj,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"$I",*.asm

I've attached a zip file containing three examples and the modified masm.ini (the one coming with v2.0.3.2 with the above changes). The zip file should be extracted to the RadASM folder, as it includes the directory structure of the sample code (masm\projects\dos\<project_name>).

Here the list of samples:

    [*]hello - a normal EXE
    [*]hellok - using simplified segment directive
    [*]add3pos.asm - sample coming from your post in a thread that has been deleted

    The DOSLNK.EXE file is the Microsoft Linker version 5.63. It can be downloaded from here (extract the files, rename LINK.EXE to DOSLNK.EXE and put the file in masm32\bin folder).
Posted on 2003-09-10 05:20:25 by Cip
Hi Cip


RadASM has been updated on my website.

Posted on 2003-09-10 06:48:40 by KetilO
Thank you very much KetilO!

I didn't expect to see the implementation in a short time like this...

Well, what can I say: I'm happy now! :) And I think it should be the same for all the other DOS programmers...
Posted on 2003-09-10 08:02:55 by Cip
Hi there,
It's a little bit amazing that still some people program for DOS!
(I was introduced to X86 Assembly through DOS in fact, 3 years ago, & sometimes I miss INT 21h & INT 10h !)

No matter what, keep on ASMing fellas :) (in DOS if you like to)
Posted on 2003-09-16 16:25:18 by John Kiro
I've concidered requesting a DOS assembly sub-forum as most of my studying has been non-Win32 and I enjoy and can grasp segmented (real mode DOS) programming. But as this is the Win32Asm forum ... Plus, some people might want a Linux assembly sub-forum, etc. Now, if this was the x86Asm Community board, it would be different.

Thank you Cip and Ketil. I can't wait to try this out!
Posted on 2003-09-16 16:57:08 by Masmer
Hi Masmer,

I agree with you that this is the Win32Asm forum...

Anyway, DOS support can be really useful for those that want to start. As it's also stated in the Iczelion's Win32asm FAQ.

What do I need to start programming in win32asm?

At the minimum, you need 32-bit Windows :) It can be Windows 95/98/NT/2000. In my opinion, the better platform to program in is Windows NT/2000 because they are more stable. Furthermore, small errors which are passed uncomplained by Windows 95/98 will be noticed immediately if the program runs on Windows NT/2000. I have not yet tried Windows XP.

You must already know some basics about assembly language. If you are a complete newbie to assembly language, you can find numerous tutorials on the web. The complete assembly book on the web is Randal Hyde's The Art of Assembly Language Programming. Note that the book deals with 16-bit assembly under DOS. However, the basic commands are the same whether they are used under DOS/Windows or Linux.


This option will give the opportunity to newbies to compile some of the Aoa stuff, and will open the RadASM usage to those that still want to make DOS programs.

I've attached a new version of masm.ini with support for the .com extension, an additional example and a readme file. These modifications were already sent to Ketil and they will be probably integrated in the next release.
Posted on 2003-09-17 10:51:21 by Cip
Hi, Cip!

I long time use RadASM for building dos apps.
But I use templates for it.

Try this:

copy files from archive to Templates folder

in RadASM
New Project -> Dos App

select template "exe file" or "com file"

Posted on 2003-09-18 16:25:48 by Eviloid
Hi Eviloid,

these templates are really nice!

I had a look at them, and I saw that they are well integrated with the modified masm.ini I've posted.

I think they can be really useful, let's say a MUST HAVE for dos programmers.

:alright: Great job!
Posted on 2003-09-19 02:26:33 by Cip