hi all,

anyone know if there is an handy-help-file about wave/audio multimedia win32 APIes/functions as waveInUnprepareHeader, waveInOpen etc etc etc ...?

I mean a file like win32help tool...

Thanks B7
Posted on 2003-09-11 08:57:40 by Bit7
The MSDN 2 CDs have the multimed.chm on CD2 & multimed.chi on CD1. If you put these two files in one folder, you can see the multimedia functions reference. MSDN is very handy if you have it on CDs ;) . There are also some good examples in C.
I can send you the zipped file, containing them (1.21MB). My EULA has restrictions only over the src code, as far as I've read.
Posted on 2003-09-11 13:01:28 by Ultrano
thanks ultrano,
i've at job the MSDN CD, i'll check for them. Thanks anyway.

Posted on 2003-09-12 01:47:39 by Bit7