I'm not an electrical engineer. Let me get that on the table. For tinkering when I thought I may be interested I used program called Electronics Workbench. Seemed good for the time and I'm not in the mood to front the money for upgrades at the moment but I'm looking for possible candidates.

I've been following Andre LaMothe and his GameStation project and there are some photos of some schematic software that he was using. I can't quite make out the name in the title (looks like "ARES Professional" but Google yields no results. I'm wondering if anyone knows what tool that is.

Posted on 2003-09-13 01:03:23 by _Shawn
Never used it myself... but the pictures seem to match the ones on this site...

Hope that helps...
Posted on 2003-09-13 12:18:40 by Soul~Drudge
Yes, that is it... ISIS, and ARES. They are inexpensive, too. less than $150 US each so I can go buy them immediately...

Posted on 2003-09-13 14:51:52 by _Shawn
I use Eagle from CadSoft.
Free up to a certain size (50 x 100mm, I think). Unlimited components.
Excellent library.

Posted on 2003-10-17 23:04:29 by fiddler
I use Eagle, too.

The free version allows you up to 80 x 100 mm boards, two layers only. But the number of components is not limited. I've done nice boards with it.
It seems 80 x 100 mm is the area within which you can place components. I managed to place some traces outside that and it worked.

The only major drawback is the help, which is almost unusable.
Posted on 2003-10-20 11:18:17 by VVV