Little but important for developement team changes in this 1.0.09 pre-alpha version. I am talking about template created forms and CreateForm procedure in 'form.asm' Please, evaluate carefully. It is not very clarifyed yet, but it will be the one of the main approaches in Fresh.

[13.09.2003] v1.0.09 - pre-alpha

- Preliminary version of license agreement added to Fresh.
File: 'license.txt'

- Two main changes in 'form.asm' library:
1. Now whole form with child controls may be created using
template data structure with "CreateForm" procedure.

2. "ShowModal" procedure shows some form as modal dialog.

There is a little example how to use this library. Look at
'ActionEvents.asm'/ 'OnOpen' procedure. Click file\open to
see how this acts.

- Style editor now checks the proper styles acording with
the style of the control.

Outdated attachement file removed.
Posted on 2003-09-13 14:10:37 by JohnFound