Was messing with custom drawn menus today just for fun.
Actually they turned out rather nice so far. However I ran into
a snag.

Problem revolves around the api function DrawTextEx. When
I declare a menu item to have a keyboard shortcut, it is drawn
with an underline under the appropriate character. However
I am now running Windows XP Pro and its got a funky option
(somewhere) that shortcut underscores can be hidden until
such time as the user presses the ALT key. Then they will be

This is creating erronious behaviour as I am always drawing
the underscore.

Question is has anybody found or know about an API I might be
able to call to get a flag on this setting? I am still looking and
googling but no luck as yet.

Thanks! :alright:
Posted on 2003-09-13 16:33:22 by Graebel