Preface: My girlfriend is totally credited to finding this. I dont know how she does it, but man....

:grin: Check this out! :grin:

Posted on 2003-09-13 21:28:50 by NaN
heh, nice find :tongue:
Posted on 2003-09-13 22:29:48 by Tola
ooooooooooooooold. I saw this, what, 4 months ago?
Posted on 2003-09-13 22:37:46 by Ninkazu
Funny, i didnt see you post this 4 months ago.... :rolleyes:
Posted on 2003-09-14 09:39:04 by NaN
I will never understand why people go on about stuff bein old. Is it any less funny now? What about those that have not seen it. Such as myself.
Posted on 2003-09-14 11:10:36 by Betrayed
Oh, my side hurts from laughing so hard - this is outrageous! :grin: (view big window)
Posted on 2003-09-14 11:27:02 by bitRAKE
haven't had this fun since the last "real" Tv debate I saw where the one side floored the opposition by using their own arguments (and methods) agains them)
Posted on 2003-09-14 12:31:03 by scientica