It looks easy, but I have no time to write it. If someone want to help, I will be thankful. :)
We need subroutine that must give unique name in the folowing patern: SomeNameNNN. It will use structure like folowing:

struc TName {
.Prefix dd ? ; pointer (??? handle ) Prefix of the name.
.Num dd ? ; Current number.

proc MakeName, ptrTName

The procedure must return handle to string (look StrLib library in Fresh package) and increment the .Num member of the structure.
This will be used to generate unique names for forms and controls in Form editor.

This is harder.
I am talking about StrLib.asm library. Very soon we will need more functions from standard string library, but there is no free developer to make it. Search functions, string concatenation, maybe some
size and speed optimizations. StrToNum procedure (working with all FASM number formats).

It is very important, so every help is highly appreciated. :)

Very hard problem IMHO.

For code completition function of source editor, we will need some function parsing source files and returning
list with all labels found in the source, that begings with given string. This function must be very fast and it must be compatible with the FASM syntax for labels, for example to find labels defined via "label" directive and to find labels defined in the macroses and structures. If it is possible the procedure may/must use some subroutines from FASM compiler (without modifying the compiler). But actually I don't know is it possible.

Thanks in advance.
John Found
Posted on 2003-09-15 03:08:39 by JohnFound
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