Hello KetilO,

Here are minor problems (at least for me) with RadASM:
(I collected them all in a single bunch..sorry :o )

1- When I click mouse over a text selection, the selection is
lost, =>can't drag & drop selection (unlike version

2- 'PUBLIC' in the procedure definition appears as an argument
when procedure is extracted from the tooltip.

3- When collapsing a procedure, only the 1st line is displayed,
no matter how many lines are taken by the argument list.

4- When I rename a file in the project window, the .RAP file
isn't updated, => I change the name manually in the .RAP

5- The Path Explorer menu item is disabled most of the time.
6- In code editor, when typing .REPEAT, .UNTIL is not
automatically added (unlike .IF & .ENDIF). (why?)

7- Creating PROTO (by right-clicking the function name in the
Properties window): If an argument has a type PTR RECT for example,
in the prototype, it's written PTRRECT (space ignored).

8- A portion of the toolbar is out of my screen.

Other suggestions:

1- A way to add functions, constants etc. to the tooltip
other than editing the .API files myself.

2- Provision for adding code sniplets using the Sniplets
Browser (done in ver(

3- Applying collapsing to MACROs too.

Anyway, thanks a million for your great IDE KetilO & thanks
for all Add-Ins coders!
Posted on 2003-09-15 07:16:48 by John Kiro
Hi John Kiro

Thanks for the bugs / suggestions.

1. Not implemented in RAEdit yet.
2. Will be fixed.
3. This is just the way it works.
4. Yes, changing the filename of a project file is cumbersome. If you don't want to edit the .rap file, then remove old file from project and then add new file.
5. I will have a look at the addin.
6. Edit masm.ini section . add xx=.repeat,{T},{C}{I}.until
7. Will be fixed.

1. Lots of work, little gained.
2. Ok
3. Edit masm.ini section . Add xx=$ macro,endm,,,14

Posted on 2003-09-15 07:43:23 by KetilO
Hi, Ketil and John Kiro.
For the Api suggestion, I suppose there could be a way to generate this Api files from Masm niclude files. If not from assembly, at least from some scripting language like Perl, it should be easy. I have quite some projects (and real work too :( ) this days, but I guess I could give it a try... :)
BTW, what happened with problem # 8 ?
Posted on 2003-09-15 18:15:13 by QvasiModo
For issue #8 "A portion of the toolbar is out of my screen." you can use RadToolbar to reduce the number of buttons displayed on your toolbar by double-clicking on an empty spot. There are usually a bunch that you don't use or are mirrored in menu items or hotkeys.
Posted on 2003-09-15 18:17:24 by donkey
Hi there,
thanx guys for all your hints (all usefull :alright: ) , & thanx to you QvasiModo for your offer :cool:
(if you have time!).
Posted on 2003-09-17 14:34:45 by John Kiro