I just spoke to some guy from work, about the future of the PC.
He told me, that in about 10 years, everybody doesn't have a PC,
but instead everybody will be directly connected to a server somewhere,
with all their programs and private stuff laying out there on the server.
So I thought hmm.....
What about all the "Assembly" programmers, and their full control of everything
going on, on their computers, are they history.
I would like to believe, that if it get's to that point, that it just would be an
alternative to the PC, and not a replacement ???

What do you think about this, don't you just love to have your PC at home,
instead of just a keyboard and a screen - connected alone to a server :confused:
Posted on 2003-09-15 07:42:18 by The SharK
:grin: So, it's an old idea, from the time when only computers was the mainframes. In that time this was the only possibility to have computer in home. These ideas in nowadays are only because some people want to control (and get money for this) the Internet and even home computers. The next step will be to kill manufacturers of the PC's and to vote a law that forbid ownership of stand alone computers. :grin: (It's because of fight against terorism. :grin: )

Posted on 2003-09-15 07:57:12 by JohnFound
I know you are joking, but it's not funny - there are seriously powerful corporations hell-bent on taking us back to the MainFrame and it stinks - furthermore, your comment about "terrorism" deserves applause - imagine how secure a government would feel to know that internet traffic is being directed through some kind of bottleneck, which is against the very premise apon which the internet was designed apon !! For an example of just such a bottleneck in action, I draw your attention to San Jose, California :|
Posted on 2003-09-15 10:23:06 by Homer
The thing is that with the reliability of connections depending on our amazing electrical grid and our unfailing telecom companies I can see why some company would entrust it's business to these mega-servers. Imagine the joy of a small business owner when he can't access his customer database because the power is out in Albequerque. Or better yet, imagine the overwhelming feeling of security when some punk kid hacks into the server and publishes his trade secrets in a public forum or sells them to his competition. Yes, if they do that I will be buying stock in the pulp and paper companies because alot of people will be reverting to pen and ink.
Posted on 2003-09-15 18:11:13 by donkey
sounds like NET PC from Sun .
but Net PC died for a long time ago ....
Posted on 2003-09-16 03:12:58 by dreamweaver