Hi All,
The AddProc addin and the one I am working on currently all save settings to an initialisation file. However it occurred to me that if other addins do this we will end up with a mass of these files in the addins directory. Rather than have this I thought we could maybe just have the one file, called something like Addins.ini (how's that for imagination!) that stores all settings for all addins. What does everyone think?

You may have noted that Microsoft deprecates the storing of such information in initialisation files and recommends using the registry instead. When an application provides some uninstallation facility that also removes the registry entries created I wholeheartedly concur with Microsoft. When an application simply creates registry entries with the only means of removal being opening regedit, searching for whatever keys were created and then manually removing them I couldn't disagree more. In recommending writing to the registry Microsoft also expected you would provide some programmatic way to remove all entries made. Requiring that users manually remove them after deciding not to continue using your software is not only a waste of the users time, for newbies unaware of how to go about removing the keys this means the registry slowly gets filled with redundant entries. Worse, they crash their system by deleting the wrong keys after not backing up. Sure they could use some sort of registry cleaning utility but they shouldn't have to.

So why write all this? I've noticed a few applications on this messageboard using the registry in just this way. In my opinion if you're not providing an uninstaller, don't write to the registry. However as I said, this is just an opinion and I would welcome anyones response to the contrary.
Posted on 2003-09-15 20:43:48 by andrew_k

I couldn't agree more. This why WinAsm leaves te users' registry intact.

As far as an initializition file for all add-ins, again, I fully agree. I would suggest "WAAddins.ini".


Posted on 2003-09-16 00:14:29 by akyprian