I was wondering how i might be able to completely programatically disable Ctrl+Alt+Del on all 9x/NT based systems. I know on NT i can do some registry manipulation, but that would require me to reboot, which i dont want to do. Im not sure if this is possible, that is to disable CTRL+Alt+Del keys, on NT based systems. Also note that i would rahter not use the ScreenSaver API to disable it, as thats easily deafeatable, by someone trying to break the system. This is going to be for a password dialog, and i want to have a substancial amount of control of the computer. Thanx in advance, Cheers!
Posted on 2003-09-15 21:52:09 by Snoopy2K
Actually Last night i found a game that pulls this off with out hooking and with out drivers.. its was BF1942 it was the desrtcombat expansion but im sure the original is the same... you might beable to figure it out from that program.
Posted on 2003-09-20 13:55:53 by devilsclaw
mov sysparamonvalue,00
push 00
push offset sysparamonvalue
push 1 ; 1 = on.. 0 = off
mov eax,97
push 97h
call SystemParametersInfoA

i used that code in a program i was coding many years ago on 9x, basically it 'informs' the os that a screen saver is running, thus disabling ctrl-alt-del
and alt-tab if i remember correctly.. it did work on win 9x, i havent tried it
on win2k/xp as the project fell through before win2k existed hehe
Posted on 2003-09-20 17:24:51 by evlncrn8