i'm coding a raw editbox in Assembly, and i need help in creating
a DeviceContext that will contain all the text, and this device context
is the source of a bitblt api call, on the wm_paint of the window.
The use of another device context is becose of scrollbar support.
I try to solve this problem and...

i need to know more about scrollbar incorporation in a prog to.

if some one could help me... post in this site, or send me a mail to


PS: sorry my bad english...
Posted on 2001-10-19 19:06:57 by coder
How is this project moving along? I'm interested in this control? I'd like to know how to create one, also...

Posted on 2001-11-02 17:31:42 by _Shawn
what can i say... when i'm finish this raw edit box i'm going to put the source code in my site. My main project is to create a editor of asm files, and i've see that editors that use richedit but that for me....it doesn't will work well coz of the things that i'm going to implement. Is name is TAP, The Assembly Programmer.
|RawEditBox ------- ScrollBarTest |
TAP + AdvancedEditBox + etc...

I'm a stundent and time is a kinda insuficient, to code this big project, and i'm only 1.

I'm not going to put the advancedEditBox code in my home page.

RawEditBox, now suports:
-simple char write (multiline)
-caret (move all the sides)
-and a few more things (i'm now coding the scrollbar test)

i think many ppl can do very things with a RawEditBox source, a mirc script that suports chars with another colors etc...

if u find something that can help me... pls tell me

Posted on 2001-11-02 19:32:31 by coder
i was trying this a when i first started writing my control. i couldn't think of a way to efficiently resize the memory bitmap when the control was resized. it also messed up the scrolling of it. since then, i've switched to a linked-list method of storing the data.
Posted on 2001-11-02 20:33:58 by Sloat
Posted on 2001-11-03 01:02:06 by S/390
You can also check out this app I once started but never finished. It has a completely skinned and flicker-free listbox, the only thing I wasn't able to fix yet is that it crashes when you try to drag the slider (only the buttons work).

Note to the anti-cracking fanatics here: this program was never meant as a GUI for a CD-rip collection, but as a gui for a cd on which i have back upped all the freeware programs I downloaded over the years, and wouldn't be able to do without. Also I thought it was a very good learning project. As I have ADSL now, I could just download them again in 15 minutes or so, so I never bothered finishing it.
Posted on 2001-11-04 06:59:42 by Qweerdy
tankyou evvvverybody!... :)
ok, i've see the sdk docz about scrollbars before. i only
must do a few things to implement scrollbars, i expect that
was more. Well... what can i say more... for now the project
is stoped, but i'm not going to give up. bit by bit it gonna be

tanks again to everybody and if u find something that
can be usefull to me...

coder7345 (@gmx.net)
Posted on 2001-11-06 15:52:26 by coder