I like lean and mean programs. And I know you guys are the best.

As I don't really have time to write such a program, I'm asking for a helpful soul out there to write the code for a program I would really like to have. I figured it might not be too much trouble and it may provide some others some insight into how some of you come up with your programs. And no, this isn't for homework and I don't have any deadline. So, if it takes a few months for a reply, I'll still be quite happy for the help. It's really for my own use and I am not going to try to sell something that somebody else wrote. ;)

It's basically an "encrypted" database for my password storage. It doesn't have to be hard encryption. So, even an XOR would suffice for my purposes. I'll try to spell out the requirements, that'll make it somewhat easier.
    The password to access the program would itself be "encrypted" within the source code. Changing the password would be accomplished by recompiling into a new executable - athough any enhancements are appreciated.
    Each record would consist of 4 string fields to hold 1. website/resource name 2. Login ID 3. email address used on this resource 4. password.
    Hold a minimum of 31 records.
    Possible implementations are running from the command line and taking the encrypted password file and outputing a decrypted file - or storing the database within the executable itself. Or even using a GUI interface.
    Don't have it install itself in the registry. Just simply run from the directory in which it's located. No File Open dialog boxes or such.Once again, some may see this as lazy. Not true. I just don't have the skills that most of you have to do this quickly and therefore I don't have time. I've looked around and seen plenty of freeware stuff out there and they don't quite give me what I'm really looking for and it would seem to be quite useful. It's come to the point where I have to keep my passwords in a text file located on my USB drive from which I would like to launch this program and not have to install it on every computer.

    I know that many of you are busy also. To them, I understand and I'm not addressing this request to you.
Posted on 2003-09-17 11:19:37 by Kdr Kane
How much was your budget for this project? Good idea, BTW. I keep all my passwords in my head because they change too frequently - a database would be a waste of time for just the passwords, but to keep the web resources linked to the login/password data is a whole 'nother thing and the email address as well. Good idea except for defeating the purpose of passwords - I wouldn't use this feature of the software.

Currently, I have a folder in my email for each email address and each time I have to create a login/password for a resource I create a link in the folder for the email address used for the login. Some resources have their own folders even. This is possible using just the options in Outlook - I didn't use any VBA/S for these features.
Posted on 2003-09-17 19:48:51 by bitRAKE
A password manager database is something i wrote alot and a long time ago.
Here is a screenshot

It supports very high encryption (written by encryption gurus) and its really very very secure.
I used to store even my netbanking codes there cause it really is bulletproof.

Important Note:
I wrote this thing in visual basic, cause the database programmin in c++ or asm is taking way too much time
and in VB you do this in 5 to 10 minutes.

Please check this link out for the complete source and description:

I remember to implement a password protection for the database itself, so when you forget your password you can forget your database hehe

if anything is missing in this link please tell me so i send you the latest version.

I also wrote a simple version without ado, just using textfiles and XOR (no installing required) i can send this also.

I know this is not written in asm, if someone has such good quality like mine in VB please share it :-)

Posted on 2003-09-17 22:28:35 by Ranma_at

It looks as if your program is a very good answer for my request. When I get a chance, I'll compile it and take a look at it.

I guess I can change the passwords in the code so I'll have to search through it.

Thanks for the great response!

Kdr Kane
Posted on 2003-09-19 09:07:56 by Kdr Kane