I am planning to write a VxD, which would monitor the file system activities in a system.like OPEN READ, CLOSE ..etc.How i could achieve it through Installable file sysem Hook . When i tried it Just brings the Blue Screen. Even Soft Ice was Stuck at that time. Please Help.......
Posted on 2003-09-17 15:16:09 by zakham
Posted on 2003-09-17 22:33:22 by P2M
But there is no source code with it.So how i could i understand how they done it..??
Posted on 2003-09-20 13:10:21 by zakham
Sounds like you may have accessed some none paged memory and possibly got a page fault. Do you know what instruction is causing the BSOD? You may have to hande the exception that generated the BSOD. let's see some code. There are numerous conditions which can bring up a BSOD.
Posted on 2003-09-20 13:45:58 by mrgone
But, anybody please tell me More About IFS_Mgr _FileSysystemAPIHook. And how i could take note that the call is made by the programm it self.Now it shows a Error in VMM and shows a Blue Screen
Posted on 2003-09-21 12:44:53 by zakham
Post some code and maybe someone can see what causes BSOD.
Posted on 2003-09-21 14:34:42 by Mikky
I have source for version 4.2 (zip-file 342'842 bytes).
Posted on 2003-09-21 18:59:37 by P2M
Dear P2M.If U had it Then Please send me the Source...
I will be thankful to u
Posted on 2003-09-24 02:58:32 by zakham