This message is in thanks to Hutch and his MASM32 efforts.
I have read some diparaging remarks about Hutch and I think
they are uncalled for.

However, I also think the MASM environment I very difficult
for one new to MASM. The Windows environment alone is
a difficult hurdle in itself. Good Windows books written without
mentioning C are none existant. The tutorials I have found
are helpful but usually to difficult for a beginner. I am not
a beginner and I still have problems.

It seems to me that someone with an excellent background
in MASM32 and Windows could make some money by writing
a book ENTIRELY for Masm32 and Windows.

Sorry to soapbox
Posted on 2001-10-20 10:29:28 by shankle
Thanks for the plug Jack but I would not worry too much about a bit of flack from time to time, I am robust enough not to take much notice of it and cantankerous enough if it bothers me. :)

I hope you are doing OK with MASM, it can be a bit of a bundle for a while but very clean and tidy logic once you get a feel for it.

Posted on 2001-10-20 16:25:16 by hutch--
These things should be know by someone new to Windows and MASM. As with the rest of the things in life, they did not come about over night, and a certain amount of respect must be given for the ground laid before us.
Posted on 2001-10-20 16:36:24 by bitRAKE