Hello. I'm making a VxD for a SegaMegadrive joystick, connected to the LPT (using EPP & ECP mode). I have Win98 DDK, and at all forums, newsgroups and archives, I get something like "see the Win95ddk sample OEMJOY" for further information. And, I can't find this ddk anywhere (unless I pay MS $1890 for their full archives). All I need, I guess, is that OEMJOY sample. I'll post the code and instructions to build interface when ready ;)
Till now I've made this: 2 Sega Genesis (6-button) joysticks can be plugged in the LPT through a very simple interface, only wires needed. Then, I've made one .exe, that polls the joystick, and notifies on changes in buttons, using VKDebug, displaying text like "LEFT", "X", when pressed. Now I need to make it into a VjoyD VxD mini-driver, and, following the example in 98ddk, I've done a lot. In the "gamepads" control panel applet, I am shown that the driver is working, "OK". But no DInput game will recognize it :(.
I used the method with
mov eax,0FFFFFFFFh
mov ecx,...
VxDcall VjoyD_Register.....

Any help is appreciated, and credit will be given
Posted on 2003-09-19 13:08:49 by Ultrano
Hi Ultrano,

from the 95 ddk :
Posted on 2003-09-19 15:14:44 by Dr. Manhattan
Thanks, Dr. Manhattan !
This is all I need to make the driver :)

Finally, I understand the callback functions there :) . It's funny that today I saw in the online msdn at several places:
"refer to the win95ddk for explanation on x"
"............................................................on y"
and, most funny/strange is that the documentation describes usage of structures and constants, that are not found among their class of constants/structures lol
I guess it's true that MS write the docs first, and then they code, as once Joel Sp. said.

I'm having some difficulties in installing & testing the drivers I make, but I will do my best to overcome them. Thanks again :alright:
Posted on 2003-09-19 19:38:16 by Ultrano