, isn't it?
Posted on 2003-09-22 22:37:31 by lovelypp
bitrake, it depends on the source you're compiling - sometimes vs2003 is better, sometimes ICL is better. I would assume ICL is better at code generation for math-intensive algorithms, while sometimes vs2003 generates better code for STL stuff. Compiling and testing with both certainly doesn't hurt :)
Posted on 2003-09-23 03:16:09 by f0dder
I am a newie.
Posted on 2003-09-23 09:24:41 by lovelypp
lovelypp, there's a whole number of reasons to use assembly. Because you think it's fun (lots of people around here), because you find high-level languages confusing (old people usually, a bunch of them represented here), "when you must" (OS development, really lowlevel coding, or "extreme environments"). Or when you need to squeeze out more speed than your current compilers will give you... or if you're a raving madman like betov :tongue:
Posted on 2003-09-23 10:03:03 by f0dder
Old people? f0dder, when I find my glasses I'm gonna gum your arm so much ......
Posted on 2003-09-23 19:29:38 by drhowarddrfine
I belive there's only way to effective use C: to understand asm well.
Coz, it's not so hard to write a C prog, but when knowledge of asm is about unlimited, then you'll be able to write an *effective* C prog (like f0dder )
Posted on 2003-09-23 22:19:07 by S.T.A.S.
*cough* crusades *cough*
Posted on 2003-09-23 22:36:57 by iblis
Posted on 2003-09-23 22:58:00 by lovelypp
Imo, asm and high(or medium)-level languages go hand in hand pretty well... an understanding of one will enhance the understanding and productivity of the other.
Posted on 2003-09-24 01:50:14 by f0dder