Hi All,
I took a break today from the new addin I am working on to read some of Rick Booths 'Inner Loops'. I learn best by doing so I got to work on the AddProc and AddMacro addins to optimise them a little speed-wise. To be honest this was really an academic exercise as they run reasonably well already however I did remove quite a few instances of what Rick refers to as address generation interlock. This is when you load or modify a 32 bit register and then use it to address memory on the next cycle. The result takes one cycle longer than anticipated due to the address register taking "time to settle" (to quote the book).
inc edi
mov byte ptr , someVal

I don't know if this update really helps anybody at all, but if you're interested here are the new versions of AddProc and AddMacro. If you're running Win95 on an old 386 they may just be what you were looking for....
Posted on 2003-09-22 05:27:26 by andrew_k
Thanks andrew_k for the new update and the information you share.


Posted on 2003-09-22 13:17:11 by akyprian