Hi Ketil,

I have been noticing this for a while (since 2031 at least maybe earlier) but could never find the cause or the particular situation that it happens in. The best I can figure is that it has to do with AsmVars in some way as that is where I notice it. When I run asmvars on my source it will report unused vars and I erase them. Then I build the file and close RadASM and reopen it. When I run asmvars again the vars are still there ! This only happens every once in a while and I can't track down exactly why. There seem to be two copies of the asm file open...
Posted on 2003-09-22 19:43:21 by donkey
Hi donkey

The problem is that AsmVars only support short filnames. Not easy to do anything about since I dont have the source.
The result is that RadASM can open a 2nd copy of the file. One with long filename and one with the short filename.

Posted on 2003-09-23 01:40:14 by KetilO