Oddly, NOTEPAD.EXE - who would have thought?
(I mean that is the one I open and close the most.)
Posted on 2003-09-22 22:47:46 by bitRAKE

What use is it for the user to execute that program? I am sure many programs are run in the background, but I mean which programs do you manually run - I click on notepad most.
Posted on 2003-09-22 23:02:36 by bitRAKE
Yep, Notepad here too.

It's small, simple, useful, and doesn't crash. It's such a good program.
Posted on 2003-09-22 23:08:30 by iblis
Mmmmm, FASMW or Windows explorer. I don't know exactly, but it seems to be FASMW these days. :)
Posted on 2003-09-22 23:12:27 by JohnFound
Posted on 2003-09-23 01:25:59 by Homer
Dev PC - RadASM

Work PC - Propietary software (dev'ed for the company I work for)
Posted on 2003-09-23 01:31:44 by donkey
editplus or windows explorer.
Posted on 2003-09-23 03:28:56 by f0dder
internet explorer :grin:
Posted on 2003-09-23 03:29:52 by Azrim

internet explorer :grin:

read two threads earlier
Posted on 2003-09-23 05:24:41 by S.T.A.S.

I work for M*crosoft ;)
Posted on 2003-09-23 05:28:39 by Azrim

I never run notepad.exe nor explorer.exe. I use 2xExplorer (http://www.netez.com/2xExplorer)
Posted on 2003-09-23 06:51:31 by pelaillo
Visual Studio.Net, Outlook, and Explorer.
Posted on 2003-09-23 07:33:41 by sluggy
Notepad, because it is on every system I use and I only use it for short periods of time. Often I can't install other software on the systems I'm working on. Then this results in modified habits at home. I usually have RadASM open for long periods of time - so, there is no need to execute that program many times.
Posted on 2003-09-23 07:39:18 by bitRAKE
For me it's probably either Notepad or Calc.
Posted on 2003-09-23 07:40:03 by JimmyClif
dev-cpp & winamp.exe
Posted on 2003-09-23 07:54:04 by etn
Ultra Edit 32 :grin:
Posted on 2003-09-23 09:08:42 by QS_Ong
Posted on 2003-09-23 10:08:24 by Guy on ASM
either explorer or textpad
Posted on 2003-09-23 10:39:23 by mob
- CoolPlayer.
- Hutch's Quickeditor (I replaced notepad with it some time ago).
- RadAsm.
Posted on 2003-09-23 11:44:05 by QvasiModo
Posted on 2003-09-23 12:45:39 by Vortex