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Does any idea for this question ??
Posted on 2003-09-23 20:50:11 by jordanc
Hm, not clear enough, but I will try to explain:

I suppose that you have the ability to draw the text with every color you want. So, simply you must handle WM_MOUSEMOVE for the window where the text is drawed. On every WM_MOUSEMOVE check, is the text is under the cursor - if so, draw the text with one color, if not with another.
Posted on 2003-09-23 23:54:41 by JohnFound
Do you Win32 Programmers reference? Look in this section:

Associating a Window Procedure with a Window Class

Good tuts out there too.

Tut13 does all that
Posted on 2003-09-23 23:55:24 by mrgone
most of our questions fix the link above so I wonder why we are here ?

The aswer is :We offten like to talk to somebody and to hear good advice from friedly people who are more experienced than we are.

Conclusion: First search for Iczelon's tutorials and then ask here because someone put your attention through this link above.

very funny but it is the true
I am very grateful to THE MOST EXPERIENCED FELLOWS, who do not attach the famous link to Iczelion's site and They give me explanation for the problem I have, because if I ask here I visited Iczelion's tutorial before and can't find or understand some details.

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