I am receiving a warning from Masm with the following global uninitialised data

hWndEd1 dd ?
hWndEd2 dd ?
hWndStc2 dd ?
vtActiveConnection VARIANT <?>
pRS dd ?
vtTemp dd ?
szText db 256 dup (?)

The warning I receive is the following

"warning A4014: instructions and initialized data not supported in BSS segments"

I am wondering if there is anything I can do about this.

Thanks in Advance
Posted on 2003-09-24 17:05:45 by Liamo
Be sure that the structure VARIANT is not defined with predetermined values, i.e.
VARIANT struct

feild1 dd 777
feild2 dd 123
Or alternatively insert a ? for every one of the fields:

varnt VARIANT <?,?>
Posted on 2003-09-24 17:13:53 by donkey
Thanks for the prompt repy Donkey. I have checked the Oaidl.inc include file and indeed some of the fields in the structure are indeed initialised. Placing the declaration in the .data section solved the problem.

Thanks again
Posted on 2003-09-24 17:29:24 by Liamo