our mod here, a abbreviation? who is that?
Posted on 2003-09-25 08:38:48 by dion
Posted on 2003-09-25 08:48:55 by JimmyClif
It took me a while to to understand he's changed name. I knew who his was, but I just couldn't recall the nick, it's those anoying things, you know so well who it is but just can't remember the name, perhaps it's my old age :tongue: ;)
Posted on 2003-09-25 11:50:34 by scientica
java certified programmer ?
Posted on 2003-09-25 19:29:44 by abc123
no it's readiosys :)

he wanted a more mature nick to impress his boss with something ;) :grin:
Posted on 2003-09-26 03:39:59 by Hiroshimator

thanks :)
Posted on 2003-09-26 07:56:17 by dion