This is just a quick hack...
It lets you create an accelerators table, and export it to the output window, editor window or resource file. It won't let you edit an existing table though.
Still, it can be useful. And I'm interested in some feedback too.
There's a better version still on development... :)

EDIT: Attachment deleted to save space (10 downloads). See bottom of thread.
Posted on 2003-09-26 17:45:25 by QvasiModo
Hi QvasiModo


Only thing I could find. Shift and Control is interchanged in the header.

Posted on 2003-09-26 17:57:38 by KetilO
Sorry, dumb mistake. :o
The output was correct, though.
Anyway, here's the corrected version...
Posted on 2003-09-27 16:59:37 by QvasiModo
Hi QvasiModo

The addin did not work on XP.
Here is one that works.

Posted on 2004-03-18 06:38:49 by KetilO
I don't have XP, so I didn't notice. Thanks for the fix! :alright:
Posted on 2004-03-18 08:44:01 by QvasiModo