Hiu, I deletet my last post, because i did a big mistake.

But here comes another question:

When I use the resize heap funktion the new adress of the start of the allocatet string will returned.
can I use the old one, or is there sometimes a change ?

invoke HeapReAlloc, ...
mov newhandle, eax

is the return value ervey time the same or it is possible to be a different.

Greets !
Posted on 2003-09-28 09:14:10 by Bubu-Boy
It depends on whether bit 4 of the flags parameter was set. If it is set, it will stay in the same place and the function will fail if there's no room for the allocated buffer at the old address. Otherwise the memory can be moved.
Posted on 2003-09-28 10:46:21 by Sephiroth3
the data is about 10MB big. - is it possible that the whole date get moved ????

Posted on 2003-09-28 11:12:46 by Bubu-Boy