On the HLA Page on Webster I've just put up a new white paper that discusses how to manually initialize HLA's exception handling system.

This isn't normally necessary for standard HLA programs, but if you're calling some HLA procedures from another language (e.g., from C or you're writing a DLL with HLA), chances are pretty good the exception handling system has not be properly set up for HLA. The bottom line is that you cannot use exception handling statements (e.g., raise/try..endtry) nor can you call routines that use these statements (e.g., many of the HLA Standard Library routines) if you haven't set up the exception handling system properly.

This paper describes how to do this.

This has been a fairly common request from people (particularly, "how do I call HLA Standard Library routines from HLA code that gets called from C?"). This paper should address *most* of those issues.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-09-29 19:00:46 by rhyde